6 Benefits of a High School Internship

Sep 19, 2022

As a student, preparation for your future career starts with completing your education. Although academic success is a strong indicator for career readiness, there is a growing importance for experiential learning - hands-on experience in the field which is gained by participating in internship programs. 

A high school internship provides you with valuable experience in preparation for both college and the workforce. It allows for career exploration and development, and a chance to learn new skills. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of getting a high school internship.

6 benefits of getting a high school internship:

  1. Guide Your Career Goals
    Throughout high school you experience a multitude of different subject areas that help determine your interests, but it can be difficult to imagine what a career in these subjects will look like.

    An internship allows you to narrow down your interests without a commitment to a certain career track. You get the opportunity to create a desired career trajectory that aligns with your interests, personality, and talents. With access to a variety of different tasks, you can get a taste of what your potential future career could look like. It is normal to come across opportunities you like and some you dislike during this time. Using your experience and your likes and dislikes, you can create a career path that is perfect for you. Find out which Pathway Programs are offered at your school.

  2. Discover Job Opportunities

    There are endless opportunities out there, if you take the time to look.  Set aside time to research different internship opportunities and career paths. As the world changes, so do the opportunities. For example, a career in agriculture today is different than it was in the past. Today, farmers use new technologies such as motorized equipment and biotechnology which has allowed them to increase their output. Extensive knowledge of engineering and technology is more important now than ever before to be successful in this career. For more information about this career path check out the Agricultural Structures and Engineering pathway.  

    Taking the time to research internships can open your eyes to how many different careers are really out there. Research is important when determining your future profession, you may discover a new opportunity that is ideal for you. Utilize the internet and the Delaware Pathways website to find the right program for you.

  3. Gain Related Experience

    An internship will help you gain first hand experience and training that will be beneficial in your chosen field. Internships provide an outlet to enhance your skills and use what you have learned in the classroom in the real world.

    Internships help you learn valuable skills needed in college and in the workforce. Students can practice and improve their industry skills, such as time management, communication and project management, while also learning how to work. Students may also learn generic workplace skills which can include office etiquette, teamwork, organization and networking. Skills such as these are transferable, meaning, they can be beneficial in any industry, even if you change paths. All of these skills will prepare you for your future career and make you a better college or job applicant and worker.

  4. Make Connections and Network

    Job searching can be difficult, but it becomes easier if you build a network. An internship is the most beneficial way to expand your network. The professionals you meet throughout your internship may provide you with connections to future jobs and opportunities.

    Professionals you work with during your internship may also become future references. References will vouch for you during a job search and can speak on your behalf about your job performance, work ethic, dedication, and any other relevant skills or traits you have mastered. As you can see, an internship opens the door to many meaningful connections within the workforce. Delaware Pathways works to build business and community partnerships to provide these opportunities to students. Learn more about the Business Partners of Delaware Pathways and start building your network.

  5. Build Your Resume

    Once you have completed your internship, you will be able to add your skills and responsibilities to your resume. Making these additions will help you stand out on any application because the experiences you earn from an internship will help you gain a competitive edge.

    If an employer, or college recruiter, has to choose between two candidates for a position, the applicant with more experience, such as an internship, will be more favorable. Potential employers will focus on the skills and experiences you have gained during your internship to understand why you qualify for a specific role. The more experience you gain, the more attractive of an applicant you become.

  6. Learn about yourself

    An internship will help you learn about yourself, such as your likes and dislikes. You will see your strong suits and weaknesses which you can use to determine what career path is right for you. But most importantly, an internship builds confidence.

    The transition from schooling to a full time career can be exciting, challenging and scary. An Internship can help you build confidence, allowing you to grow as a college student and worker. Confidence is important because it will help you deal with conflicts, improve your communication skills, and can make you a better leader. 

As you can see, a high school internship has many benefits. Embracing the workforce early will help you gain the experience of a lifetime. Not only will a high school internship give you an advantage in college, but it will also help you grow as a person and future worker. There are many opportunities waiting for you, it’s time to take the first step and find the path that’s right for you.

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