Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource Students Take Home Awards From FFA Convention

May 9, 2023

More than 500 Delaware FFA members from 36 schools came together at the 93rd Delaware FFA State Convention sponsored by Mountaire. The convention provided an opportunity for high school and middle school members to participate in career and leadership development events, leadership workshops, and a career fair. Additionally, the Day of Service activities allowed members to give back to their communities and make a difference.

During the convention, High school members competed in 12 events and middle school members competed in seven events. Check out the individual results and team results here.  American and State FFA degrees were also awarded to deserving members during the convention. 84 Delaware FFA members received a blue jacket (FFA Jacket) from the Delaware Farm Bureau as part of their Blue Jacket Bonanza program. 

The Ag-stravaganza career fair was another exciting aspect of the convention. Members had the chance to engage with a variety of organizations and learn about different career opportunities in the agricultural industry. 

The convention culminated in the election of the 2023-2024 Delaware FFA State Officer Team. This team will play an important role in leading the Delaware FFA organization in the coming year.

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Are you interested in an agriscience related career? 

Pursuing a career in agriculture can be rewarding and fulfilling as it allows you to work with nature, contribute to sustainable food production, and help address global challenges such as food security and climate change. Additionally, the agriculture industry offers a wide range of opportunities in various fields such as farming, research, marketing, and technology. 

Did you know Delaware Pathways has a Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources career cluster?  

Within this career cluster you can choose from many pathway programs including: Agricultural Structures & Engineering, Animal Science & Management, Environmental & Natural Resource Science, Natural Resource Management, and Plant Science.

The Agricultural Structures & Engineering pathway teaches students about construction and engineering principles related to agriculture. It prepares students for various careers such as carpentry, engineering, and building maintenance.

The Animal Science & Management pathway explores animal production, genetics, and veterinary practices. It prepares students for careers in agribusiness, animal genetics, and veterinary medicine.

The Environmental & Natural Resource Science pathway teaches students about environmental problems and alternative solutions. It prepares them for careers in fields such as environmental engineering and natural sciences.

The Natural Resource Management pathway focuses on conservation and responsible stewardship practices for natural resources. It prepares students for careers in fields such as water resource management and precision agriculture.

The Plant Science pathway teaches students about plant growth and use for food, fiber, and ornamental purposes. It prepares them for careers in fields such as agronomy and turf management.

Delaware Pathways offers many career pathway programs outside of the agriscience industry. Check them out here!


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