Benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship

Nov 7, 2022

The significance of an internship may be more familiar to most, but what about an Apprenticeship? There is more than one pathway proven to prepare you for a successful career, so let’s take a look at another one of your options.

A Registered Apprenticeship prepares students for jobs while meeting the needs of businesses for a highly skilled workforce. It is an employer-driven program that allows you, as the apprentice, to earn and learn simultaneously by combining on-the-job training with job-related classroom instruction, an alternate form of secondary education.  

 Registered Apprenticeship, however, is different from an Apprenticeship. A Registered Apprenticeship is nationally-recognized and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor whereas an Apprenticeship is not. Students are able to receive paid work experience in exchange for nationally-recognized credentials. Registered Apprenticeships are offered in a variety of industries and occupations and are typically four years, 8,000 hours, in length. But, why participate in one? Listed below are the benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship. 

5 Benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship:

1. Build Valuable Skills 

A Registered Apprenticeship opens the door to opportunities for you to learn valuable career skills. Teachers, supervisors, and mentors involved in the Registered Apprenticeship provide guidance and expertise into the professional world. Within this setting you are able to learn professionalism, develop independence and self-confidence that you can utilize in your future career. In addition to self-growth, you will experience career growth as you learn the necessary hands-on skills for your desired occupation. 

The vast experience and skills gained from a Registered Apprenticeship will give you an advantage in the future, such as being seen more positively by an employer on an application. Relevant work experience can prepare you for a successful career in the future and shows employers that you are motivated. 

Participating in a Registered Apprenticeship allows you to gain valuable skills in your field of interest, click here to find the career pathway that’s best for you.

2. Gain Higher Wages As An Apprentice

Another great benefit of a Registered Apprenticeship is getting paid to learn. You will be paid for learning essential industry skills, rather than the opposite, paying for your own education. As a Registered Apprentice will have the opportunity to earn higher wages. Typically throughout a Registered Apprenticeship, pay increases are received when new skills are learned. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 93% of apprentices who complete a Registered Apprenticeship gain employment with an average annual salary of $77,000. The completion of a Registered Apprenticeship will put you in the position to earn a higher income than other workers in similar positions. 

3. Receive National Credential

Upon completion of a Registered Apprenticeship, you receive a certified credential that is recognized and accepted by employers across the country. All knowledge, skills and experience gained from an Apprenticeship is transferable to all employment opportunities you wish to pursue in the future. 

Some Registered Apprenticeships may also offer credits towards a college degree or technical certificate. Participating in a Registered Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to earn your degree while earning money, at little or no cost. 

4. Advance Your Career In Growing Fields

A Registered Apprenticeship opens the door to many career opportunities. You have the ability to work towards certain career goals, such as a promotion, without having to go back to school. By participating in an Apprenticeship within your ideal industry, you can earn the skills that are necessary for roles with increased responsibility and pay.

Completing a Registered Apprenticeship proves to potential employers that you are serious about your future career and have the dedication and commitment for a particular role. Just like an Internship, a Registered Apprenticeship gives you a competitive advantage when trying to advance your career.

Types of careers can include Electricians, Plumbers and Construction workers. Don’t know what field you are interested in? Click here to learn about the top 5 Apprenticeship occupations.

5. Tuition-Free Education

Not only does a Registered Apprenticeship earn you valuable career experience, but you can also enhance your education. Registered Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction offering an alternate form of secondary education. This supplemental classroom education ensures quality and success in your contribution to the workforce. Workers have the opportunity to learn the mental and practical skills of their anticipated occupation. Receiving a skills based education, from a Registered Apprenticeship, prepares you for high paying jobs in the future. 

Alongside the many benefits, high school graduates can utilize Registered Apprenticeships to earn a long-term career that doesn’t require a four-year college degree. Careers such as construction, carpentry, and plumbing are a few of the many different career paths to choose from. Click here to find the pathway that most interests you. 

Overall, a Registered Apprenticeship provides young workers with an opportunity to gain a valuable job, rising wages, and a path to a successful long-term career. Participating in a Registered Apprenticeship can set you up for the future that you always dreamed of.

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Apprentice talk to your counselor about which pathway programs have Apprenticeship opportunities, or click here to learn more.


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