Delaware Pathways Hosts the Annual 2023 Delaware Pathways Conference

Mar 10, 2023

Delaware Pathways Hosts the Annual 2023 Delaware Pathways Conference

The Delaware Pathways Conference will explore the progress in the development of statewide career pathways systems. The career Pathway programs aim to empower young students and adults to enroll in higher levels of education and pursue employment. The 2023 conference will showcase students, educators, community partners and employers who have established innovative and effective solutions to support career readiness.

The Delaware Pathways Conference will be held on April 21, 2023 at John M. Clayton Hall at the University of Delaware and will highlight The Pathways Experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the following breakout sessions:

  • Delaware Pathways: What it is and where we are headed
  • Diversifying the Educator Workforce
  • Work Based Learning & Youth Apprenticeship
  • Delaware Pathways Student Outcomes Survey: Preliminary Research Findings
  • The Future of the Delaware Workforce
  • Advancing Student Equity and Civil Rights in College and Career Readiness 
  • Strategies for Retaining Delaware Employers
  • The Effects of Secondary Career and Technical Education Programs on Postsecondary Educational and Employment Outcomes
  • Supporting Individuals with Disabilities 
  • Success for our Seniors

These sessions will discuss the growth and success of the Pathways Programs, including research findings and innovative solutions to support career readiness. The conference will also feature a keynote speaker, Logan Herring, CEO of Reach Riverside, a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the Riverside neighborhood in Wilmington.

Herring has a background in community development and workforce training and has overseen the revitalization of public housing communities and implemented successful workforce development programs. Herring has been recognized for his leadership and community work, including being named to Delaware Business Times' 40 under 40 list in 2019 and receiving the Emerging Leader Award from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials in 2018. As the keynote speaker at the Delaware Pathways Conference, Herring will share his insights on career pathways and their impact on communities.

All educators, employers, postsecondary institutions, and community members are invited to learn how the Delaware Pathways programs prepare students for success in their future and career.

Registration is now open. Visit:

Location: John Clayton Building
University of Delaware
100 David Hollowell Dr, Newark, DE 19716

Delaware Pathways offers high-quality education programs that link to postsecondary education and careers, giving students the opportunity to acquire both academic and technical skills. By connecting education and workforce development efforts, Delaware Pathways provides work experiences aligned with students' career goals. These programs and supports are available statewide through a network of education agencies and a workforce intermediary.


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