The Success Stories: How Delaware Pathways Impacts Teachers

Dec 21, 2023

Delaware's Career and Technical Education (CTE) educators go beyond shaping minds – they ignite passions and transform lives. These educators have found their purpose in CTE and in guiding the next generation to reach their full potential. In this blog, we'll share the inspiring stories of educators, Andrew Cambron, Bruce Leibu, Jennifer Tucker, John Fitzgerald, Katherine Hawkins, and Lindsay Tietze, who have embraced CTE as more than just a career choice. Through their testimonials, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of CTE in Delaware.

1. Andrew Cambron: Nurturing Passion in Digital Communications

Andrew Cambron, an educator and media creator at Newark High School, found his calling in teaching Digital Communications. His passion for making a difference in the lives of young people led him to the world of education. Andrew's greatest accomplishment is the growth of the local TSA chapter, a national organization of students engaged in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), which had over 30 members in its first year. He eagerly anticipates the chapter's first national conference trip, symbolizing the success of his non-traditional teaching methods.

Andrew shares, "Career and Trades education gives students real-world experiences and leadership skills that they can use to find jobs directly after high school." Through Delaware Pathways, he's empowering students at Newark High School to embrace a constantly changing field and equipping them with skills that extend beyond the classroom.

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2. Bruce Leibu: Cultivating Creativity in Video Production

Transitioning from Special Education to CTE in 2007, Bruce Leibu found his passion in Video Production at Cape Henlopen High School. His greatest accomplishment as a CTE Teacher lies in the positive impact he has on his students' lives, as former students approach him to express their enjoyment of his class or share stories from their time as students.

"Playing with the toys," as Bruce puts it, allows students to engage hands-on with industry-relevant equipment and software. His desire for others to know about CTE stems from its ability to provide diverse opportunities for students, whether they seek immediate employment or further their education.

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3. Jennifer Tucker: Fueling STEM Passions in Engineering

Jennifer Tucker, a CTE teacher for the Project Lead the Way Engineering Pathway at Smyrna High School, shares her love for mathematics, physics, technology, and engineering with students. Her greatest accomplishment is witnessing students fall in love with STEM and pursue related careers beyond high school.

"The real-world engineering experiences that my students have the opportunity to experience are the best part about being an Engineering CTE teacher," says Jennifer. Through Delaware Pathways, she advocates for life-changing experiences that are essential for every high school student.

Check out the Engineering Pathway for more information.

4. John Fitzgerald: Transforming Lives through Sheet Metal Fabrication

John Fitzgerald, a Sheet Metal Fabrication teacher at Delcastle Technical High School, didn't initially plan on becoming a CTE teacher. However, the rewards of making a difference in students' lives led him to the most fulfilling career of his life.

"My favorite thing about being a CTE instructor is being able to watch my students grow in the trade," says John. Through Delaware Pathways, he emphasizes that CTE is more than just construction projects; it instills communication, critical thinking, motivation, and time management skills that transcend into various aspects of students' lives.

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5. Katherine Hawkins: Sowing Seeds of Knowledge in Agriscience

Katie Hawkins, an Agriscience teacher at William Penn High School, became a CTE teacher because she loved agriculture and FFA. Her greatest accomplishment lies in the connections she forms with her students, witnessing their success and knowing she played a part in influencing their lives.

"I love getting them to see that agriculture affects them in their everyday life," Katie shares. Delaware Pathways, for her, is a foundation for society, providing pathways that matter and priming students to be future leaders and contributors to their chosen fields.

Interested in Agriscience? Learn more about the Agricultural Structures & Engineering, Animal Science Management, Environmental & Natural Resource Science, Natural Resource Management, Plant Science, and Agricultural Power & Engineering Pathways.

6. Lindsay Tietze: Igniting Passion for Education

Lindsay Tietze, a K-12 Teacher Academy Instructor at Howard High School, found CTE the perfect medium to share her passion for education. Her greatest accomplishment is seeing her students participate in Educators Rising, witnessing their dedication and success in the field.

"Career and technical education provides every student the opportunity to be successful after high school," Lindsay emphasizes. Delaware Pathways opens doors for students to explore careers and acquire skills necessary for post-graduation success.

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In conclusion, the stories of these dedicated educators exemplify how Delaware Pathways is not just a program; it's a vehicle for transformation, both for teachers and their students. Through hands-on experiences, real-world applications, and a commitment to nurturing passions, Delaware Pathways is shaping a future where every student has the opportunity to thrive.

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